Economics, econometrics and financials

The application of economic discipline to energy markets is a well established field of academic and practitioner interest.

Our expertise in this area is focussed particularly on energy markets and covers market design, competition analysis, commercial analysis and expert witness.

In database construction and data analysis we are proficient in R Studio. In our econometric and statistical work we use Stata. We maintain a database of assets, revenues and costs of all electricity network service providers in the National Electricity Market from 2001 to the present.

In this area, clients have engaged us to assist on:

  • Applied economic analysis of fossil and renewable electricity production
  • Analysis of price transparency in Australia‚Äôs short term gas markets
  • Assess the financial viability of retail licence applicants
  • Develop software to systematically analyse all retail electricity and gas offers in Victoria
  • Analyse the impact of greenhouse gas emission prices on gas-fired electricity production
  • Analyse the impact of Liquefied Natural Gas developments on gas prices
  • Undertake commercial and market due diligence on transactions
  • Provide expert witness on renewables and energy contract disputes