Recent Presentations

Melbourne, March 2017. Productivity Commission seminar on capacity markets Productivity Commission Seminar

Adelaide, November 2017. Invited event hosted by SACOSS. Transmission in a world with batteries: should we rethink arrangements?

Sydney, October 2017 Presentation to Australian Business Economists

Melbourne, September 2017. Melbourne Economic Forum. Behind-the-Meter PV and batteries: life raft on a sinking ship?

Singapore, June 2017. International Association for Energy Economics. Interconnectors versus batteries: the case of South Australia

Melbourne, April 2017. Economic Society of Australia. Can batteries solve South Australia’s power problems?

London, November 2016. Will they go their own way: distributed generation and storage in South Australia

Sydney, October 2016. Briefing to JP Morgan and clients

Melbourne, October 2016.  John Cain Foundation Lecture

Melbourne, September 2015. Essential Services Commission Victoria. Regulatory arrangements for the cost of capital and tax in the regulation of Victorian water companies: issues and ideas

Sydney, August 2015. Public Interest Advocacy Centre. Batteries: should regulated network service providers be allowed to own? (slides available on request)

Adelaide, August 2015. South Australian Council of Social Services. Involving customers in the economic regulation of water: the Victorian and South Australian contexts

Melbourne, August 2015. Essential Services Commission Victoria. Consumer engagement in water regulation in Victoria: status quo and ideas for consideration

Toronto. August 2015. Ontario Energy Board. Presentation to Ontario Energy Board: Executive Policy Committee  (slides available on request)

Melbourne, March 2015. Economic Society of Australia. Quo vadis CPI-X and independent regulation of electricity networks in Australia?

Sydney, December 2014. Australian Institute of Energy. “Down, right?” Privatisation and the regulatory valuation of electricity distribution network service providers in New South Wales: Evidence and issues.

Adelaide, November 2014. South Australian Council of Social Services Death Spiral Forum. Falling demand: Implications for consumers left on the grid (looking at both sides of the coin)

Melbourne, November 2014. Melbourne Economic Forum. The economic regulation of electricity networks in Australia: commentary on a failed reform

Rome, October 2014. International Association of Energy Economics. Australia’s Million solar Roofs: Disruption on the Fringes or the Beginning of a New Order

Melbourne, June 2014. Australian Institute of Energy Economics. Economic regulation of Victoria’s electricity networks: Role model or room for improvement?

Hobart, May 2014. Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Conference. How an energy system can work for you (and why it is not now)

Melbourne, May 2014. BZE, University of Melbourne. Solar roofs, networks and tariffs: some thoughts

London, March 2014. London School of Economics. The British Utility Regulation Model: Beyond Competition and Incentive Regulation. Independent regulation of government-owned monopolies: an oxymoron? The case of electricity distribution in Australia.

Launceston, March 2014. Tasmania Energy Forum.  “The coming RET Review: some initial reflections

Melbourne, December 2013, Energy Efficiency Council Annual Conference,”Electricity Tariff Revolution: some questions

Brisbane, July 2013. Clean Energy Council Annual Conference, “Embedded generation: what rate should exports receive?

Melbourne, May 2013, Victoria Energy Forum, Meaningfully engaging users in the regulation of Australia’s energy markets

Brisbane, April 2013, Queensland Energy Forum, Energy in Queensland through the eyes of its users: observations and questions

Sydney, November 2012,  Committee for the Economic Development of Australia, “Rising electricity prices: causes and solutions

Beijing, September 2012, Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission, “Achieving an efficient, secure and clean electricity supply: an economic and policy analysis

Perth, June 2012, International Association of Energy Economics Annual Conference. “Market power and generation from renewables: the case of wind in the South Australian electricity market