Electricity: network service provision, wholesale electricity markets, retail electricity markets, renewable electricity development

Clients have engaged us to:

  • Develop an analysis of the effective regulation of network service provider involvement in batteries
  • Describe the current outcomes, possible futures and environmental impact of decentralized renewable energy
  • Examine the regulated asset values and the risk of stranded assets in electricity distribution
  • Compare Australian electricity prices to those in other countries
  • Analyse the relative costs and prices of Australian network service providers
  • Advise on the competitiveness of the National Electricity Market
  • Advise on the competitiveness of the Victorian retail electricity market
  • Assist in submissions to various inquiries and reviews
  • Advise on renewable energy investment opportunities
  • Examine the economics of Australian coal plant closures
  • Analyse strategic issues affecting the development of the wind industry in Australia
  • Provide expert witness on renewables and energy contract disputes
  • Analyse the impact of greenhouse gas emission prices on gas-fired electricity production